Hello SOU Comics and Picture Books students!
Here is what your fellow students came up with for HW 4 - "Tarzan, Frankenstein and 1 other character"
You guys all did some great work here and these were a lot of fun to look through!

Ashton Babcock  Austin Rowley

Bailey Garcia

Caley O'Brien  Casey Madsen
~as Casey is an Intermediate she had a different script that the rest of you:) It included chickens and UFO's so was pretty awesome!  Colin Montgomery

Julie Urbach

Kalyn Rappe Maria O'Brien Max Ostendorf
May Espino Nic Anderson Rhea Burtram
Ryan Perry

Sarah Gomez
Sophie Gordon
Emma Kincaide

Holly Potter
Hello Class!
Here are the "Teach me something" Homeworks that were turned in by your fellow students.
Great job on these everybody! Way to start off a great term!

Ashton Babcock  Austin Rowley  Bailey Garcia  Caley O'Brien  Casey Madsen  Colin Montgomery  Corey Voss Emma Kincade   Gianna Cammarota Holly Potter
Julia Heinlein   Julie Urbach  Kai Larson  Manya Scott-Orescan
 Maria O'Brien  May Espino  Melissa Harland  Nic Anderson Rhea Burtram 

Ryan Perry